Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad: Initial Impressions

I've had a couple hours to play around with my iPad, just wanted to point out a couple things while it's syncing the majority of my data.

First off, I want to comment on its size. When you hear "10-inch screen" it sounds fairly big (at least to me). In reality, the iPad is damn small. I don't think you could go much smaller and still run the kind of apps the iPad does. Products like the 5" Dell Streak (not yet shipping) are going to be very hard to sell—too big to fit in a lot of pockets, yet too small to use without a lot of zooming and panning.

The second thing worth mentioning is the weight. It's not too heavy, but it's noticeable. It feels like you are holding a slab of floor tile of similar size. Perhaps that is a good thing, as it's a reminder that you have something fragile in your hands. I'm sure they worked extremely hard to get it down to 1.5lbs, and I don't think we'll see these devices get much lighter any time soon. Need a comparison? The JooJoo weighs 2.4lbs, and is almost a quarter-inch thicker.

Lastly, I have to echo the comment that this device is very responsive. It's easily on par with my 24" iMac (2.16ghz C2D) on loading webpages, and compared to the iBook G4 I'm on right now …hot damn!

The only thing I am disliking at the moment is getting all the passwords into Safari and other apps. I don't have the iPad version of 1Password Pro yet, and it's a pain in the butt jumping in and out of the apps every five minutes. I'm sure once everything is set up it won't be that bad, but the desktop experience will be missed for sure.

More to come soon…